Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get high?

No CBD is not THC (they are both part of the 80+ cannabinoids in the cannabis plant) CBD is not psychoactive and functions as an anti inflammatory & a promising therapy for many. CBD is safe and legal.

How do I take it?
CBD can be absorbed into your system a few ways

  • the tincture sublingually is the best
  • topically – quick, easy, safe (but too much of any oil can clog the pores)
  • inhale – smoke always has its minuses
  • ingest – hard to measure effected by food & stomach acid
  • Everyone is different & it obv depends on why your using it, what you’re treating, your weight & if you’re a cannabis user.
  • The BTTR tincture is strong. Please start w 1/4 dropper 3x a day – after meals is often helpful. And should be used consistently for 3 weeks (important)
  • You can increase dosage as needed – a little too much may make you sleepy. (1/2 dropper 5x a day – a higher dose)
  • A topical can be used as needed in addition to your tincture. Helps the immediate area rapidly and adds to your over all endocannabinoid system
Can I trust it
All our products are double blind tested and have been in use for years. Ask us about our personal experiences and usage. We all gave symptoms and personal stories.
Why Full Spectrum? (vs Isolate)
We believe in the power of the whole plant.

Full spectrum is for people wanting to get the most of their CBD experience, more powerful and unprocessed. Because of the advantage of the entourage effect (the added benefits of all the cannabinoids working together) we have committed to full spectrum in our bttr line.

We do support many isolates and know that many people (like those who face drug tests) need this option.

We have a CBD regime for everyone.
Talk to us! We are here to help!

Join us in a BTTR life

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